Blindside Fresno: September 2016

The September 2016 edition of ‘Blindside Fresno’ consisted of an interview with Fresno author Olivia Ostergaard.

Olivia was born in Bakersfield,in the Southern Central Valley of California. She was born prematurely and being too small to survive outside of a incubator was placed in an oxygen rich environment which caused damage to the blood supply to her retinas, the light sensitive layer within the eye. I meet many people within the Central Valley who’s blindness was caused by this same predicament. Today doctors and medical staff are more aware of the problem and today the condition is much less pronounced ass it was.

Olivia had always found her vision to be poor but about the year 2000 her vision loss became such that she decided to look for a guide dog school to work with. Her transition from working with a cane to working with a guide dog is covered in her book, “Looking at the Unseen: My Guide Dog Journey.’

Here is her interview with Darcie Elliott broadcast in September 2016. Where Olivia talks about her life, writing and the daily challenges which blindness brings and how she has overcame many difficulties with internal strength, a deep belief in God and a Black Labrador named Fenway by her side.


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Hello and Welcome

William Elliott sits with his black labrador retriever guide dog Leif
William Elliott and His Guide Dog Leif



My name is William Elliott, I am visually impaired and am the producer of the television magazine, ‘Blindside Fresno’.

This page is set up to support our television program which is created in downtown Fresno.

The program looks at issues around visual impairment and blindness. Though some issues may be local, most issues are universal among the blind and visually impaired communities; transport, independence and finding employment are just a few.

But we also will try to look at fun things too, as well as educating the sighted world about the world of the visually impaired.


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In our next program we will be interviewing Fresno author Olivia Ostergaard, who recently published her book on her search for a guide dog called, ‘Looking at the Unseen”