Support a Blind Student

I am looking forward to supporting this campaign to help a blind college student here in Fresno.

He is a Honors student with a 4.0 G.P.A. studying for a general AA degree and hoping to go on for a B.A. in Social Work with a future M.A. in counselling.

Of course all this schooling costs a lot of money and sensibly he doesn’t want to take on too much debt with loans. The other added burden for blind students is that in order to gain access to accessible textbooks they must first buy a print edition of set texts. These are very expensive and totally useless to a blind student and selling the book back to a college bookstore means that a blind student only gets a fraction of the purchase price back.

The bag carries a photograph of a black Labrador Retriever and draped behind him the Stars and Stripes. The title of the product America’s Number 1. The Labrador Retriever being the most popular breed of dog in the United States.

So with sales of this tote bag from   All profits  will go to him to fund course costs for the Spring semester and beyond.

Please help us support this good cause.

Having Blind Parents Helped Me

Recently we recorded an interview with Lisa Presley-Thomas, a prominent member of the Fresno Chapter of California Council of the Blind (CCB).

Lisa grew up the sighted child of two blind parents, this experience had quite an affect on her life, possibly even shaping her adult career as a Certified Public Accountant.

aping her

New Series Recording This Week

We have been out of the  studio for a few weeks now. Though we have not been taking things easy.

Behind the scenes at blindside fresno
Behind the scenes at Blindside Fresno

As with all of life in general we had some problems arranging some interviews, people were busy and there were some puppy shortages at local puppy raising groups to name but two of the obstacles to our calendar.

It is not easy being a producer of a magazine program like ‘Blindside Fresno’, but hey what am I complaining about? The program is great fun to make and we are now just about to go into the studio for some more recording sessions.


So What Will Be In The New Series?

We will be trying a new idea for one of our programs. We will have a series of sketches reflecting blind peoples experiences of “Good Samaritans” insisting on ‘helping’ and how we are often treated by servers in restaurants.  We will show the good way to do things and the bad way to do things.  Servers especially should take notes here, bad service impacts YOUR tip. So see if you are doing the right things and  learn how to make your blind customer a great tipper.


Also we will be taking a look at blind parenting from the other side. The point of view of children of blind or visually impaired children. That will be an interesting show, following our interview with two blind moms last season.


We will also take a look at the world of puppy-raising, talking with current puppy raisers in Fresno and the Central Valley. Asking them about the great work they do for organizations like Guide Dogs for the Blind. What is it like to give back a puppy that goes on to make a guide dog? Is it aas heartbreaking as we imagine?  Watch out for that one, we are hoping they will bring a cute puppy or two into the studio.

Plus we will have more news from the Blindside in Fresno.

‘Members Only’ Appearance

On November 30. I was honored to appear on a regular feature program at Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) call ‘Members Only.’

Just one year ago in November 2015 I worked on the show as a camera operator completing my studio training class. Little did I know back then that just twelve months later I would appear on the show as a guest producer.

The show shares the experience of producers of all kinds of shows with new members and by watching the program regularly you can find inspiration for new ideas and also get to see that those niggly experiences, annoyances and iritations are common to most producers rather than the gods throwing a spanner into your work personally.

I appeared on this episode, Episode 21. I am the second guest on the show. To read about the experience see my blog “In the Studio: Members Only”

By clicking the link below you can see the complete episode of ‘Members Only’


Labrador Retriever Coffee Mug

The thing about being blind is that sometimes you get to work with great people and animals. My constant companion is Leif, a black Labrador Retriever, trained at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California.

In our time together I have taken many photographs of Leif, he is very photogenic and has an eye-catching look as he has pale caramel eyes rather than the usual deep brown..

Recently I had some of my photographs converted into sketches and I think they turned out pretty well. So well I have added some to items on They range from greetings cards to mugs. Here are a few examples:



What is ‘Blindside Fresno’?

‘Blindside Fresno’ is a television program devised and produced by William Elliott at the Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) television studios in downtown Fresno California.

William  began to loose his sight in 2001 after suffering blood clots in his tright eye, the condition remained stable until 2007 when several more blood clots destroyed the retina in his left eye.

Having little vision and living in a small town he and his family felt isolated and did not know where to turn for help. After several years they accumulated a wide range of resources, moved to Fresno and found CMAC where William learned  television production and came up with creating a television for the general public and those who might be in the same position as he had been, isolated, unsure of resources and feeling alone.

Though ‘Blindside Fresno does use volunteer crews to create programs, the agreed payment for a crew member is food, a lunch or snack to take them through recording. Also production requires the use of SD cards similar to those used in a digital SLR camera, plus there is the need for paper, office supplies and sucjh.

William does not receive funding from other sources. He is one of the majority of blind and visually impaired people who have found it impossible to obtain paid employment of any kind, inspite of his Bachelors Degree earned with Honors even after he became blind.

So we turn to you, a donation of just $1.00 will help support this show.

To donate just $1.00 click the link below, and pay via PayPal, safely and securely.

Hello and Welcome

William Elliott sits with his black labrador retriever guide dog Leif
William Elliott and His Guide Dog Leif



My name is William Elliott, I am visually impaired and am the producer of the television magazine, ‘Blindside Fresno’.

This page is set up to support our television program which is created in downtown Fresno.

The program looks at issues around visual impairment and blindness. Though some issues may be local, most issues are universal among the blind and visually impaired communities; transport, independence and finding employment are just a few.

But we also will try to look at fun things too, as well as educating the sighted world about the world of the visually impaired.


I raise money to help me produce the program from affiliate links such as my Associate Account with You may often find a link to a book, movie or something I find interesting. You are of course not obliged to purchase any item but if you do so then I will receive a small advertisers fee from amazon.

In our next program we will be interviewing Fresno author Olivia Ostergaard, who recently published her book on her search for a guide dog called, ‘Looking at the Unseen”