Blindside Fresno: Program 5 Blind Moms (Part 2)

‘Blindside Fresno’ continues its programming with episode five. Broadcast on November 15, 2016 by Community Media Access  Collaborative (CMAC) in Fresno California. This program was part two of an interview with two moms who have low vision and blindness.

Debbie Flowers is a High School teacher of Special Needs Students and has a degenerative eye condition which has caused her to lose most of her vision over her lifetime.

Sarah Harris is a full time mom who was suddenly blinded in a car crash just before learning she was pregnant with her daughter. So had to cope both with vision loss and being a new mom in short succession.

They talk about some serious issues about blindness, vision loss and child rearing, but for the most part look at their lives from the humerous side. Showing blindness and disability breed a love of life and requires a great sense of humour.