What is ‘Blindside Fresno’?

‘Blindside Fresno’ is a television program devised and produced by William Elliott at the Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) television studios in downtown Fresno California.

William  began to loose his sight in 2001 after suffering blood clots in his tright eye, the condition remained stable until 2007 when several more blood clots destroyed the retina in his left eye.

Having little vision and living in a small town he and his family felt isolated and did not know where to turn for help. After several years they accumulated a wide range of resources, moved to Fresno and found CMAC where William learned  television production and came up with creating a television for the general public and those who might be in the same position as he had been, isolated, unsure of resources and feeling alone.

Though ‘Blindside Fresno does use volunteer crews to create programs, the agreed payment for a crew member is food, a lunch or snack to take them through recording. Also production requires the use of SD cards similar to those used in a digital SLR camera, plus there is the need for paper, office supplies and sucjh.

William does not receive funding from other sources. He is one of the majority of blind and visually impaired people who have found it impossible to obtain paid employment of any kind, inspite of his Bachelors Degree earned with Honors even after he became blind.

So we turn to you, a donation of just $1.00 will help support this show.

To donate just $1.00 click the link below, and pay via PayPal, safely and securely.