Who is William Elliott?

This is  William Elliott.

William Elliott Producer Blindside Fresno
William Elliott Producer

William Elliott is from England. He came to the United States to live in 2006. He is married and is the Producer of ‘Blindside Fresno.

William worked in retail for many years, working in and then operating a family store before working for a major retailer in the U.K. After coming to the United States in 2006 he returned to school majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. He worked for several years at a public library leaving there as his eyesight continued to fail and it was neccessary to move closer to support services.

In late 2015, he came across Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) a community television facility in Fresno, California. He became a member and volunteer there, taking classes in studio and field production, editing and script writing.

He says, “CMAC is one of the best things that has happened to me. I work with lots of great people. Volunteering on many shows brings lots of ideas.”

William began preparing his ideas for ‘Blindside Fresno’ in the early days of 2016 and recorded his first program, An Interview with Dr. Vivian Kim, Retinologist’ a few months later.

Seeing the vision of a television program aimed at educating the sighted as well as inspiring the blind and low vision community was something very special.

He is now planning a fourth show in the series. The show is broadcast monthly via cable in the Fresno and Clovis areas and is available on YouTube soon  after broadcast by CMAC.

There are several program ideas in the pipeline, enough to take the program through the middle of 2017